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About Shadow & Soul

Fairy tales are psychological tools that ignite the regulation of the psyche; the narratives invoke and reveal hidden processes, especially those buried deep within us. Imagine a full year of studying fairy tales, the psyche, and enchantment.


This Mentoring Membership is designed to creatively move you through various expressions of the shadow and the soul with supportive practices, exercises, and guided processes.

  • Learn the art of transformation through the ancient art of alchemy

  • Find the hidden meaning within fairytales and apply the wisdom to enhance your life

  • Imagine knowing how to unlock the power of symbols.

  • Learn the practice of active imagination, a potent tool for engaging with images as they move into conscious awareness.

Shadow & Soul Membership Fees

Shadow & Soul fee structure:

Monthly Membership (Option One)

The monthly membership (OPTION ONE) includes prerecorded materials delivered monthly and a weekly symbol with a journal prompt. You can work through the materials at your own pace. This option includes one monthly gathering (a fireside chat) held via Zoom; Zoom links are emailed upon registration.


Apprenticeship Membership (Option Two)

Everything in the monthly membership

AND a guided practice based on the monthly theme (delivered monthly)

AND advanced content (delivered monthly)

Monthly Membership (Option One)

  • $44 a month (cancel at any time)

Apprenticeship Membership (Option Two)

  • $97 a month (cancel at any time)

There is Power in Fairy Tales & Myths

Progressive & Advanced Program

Shadow & Soul is a hybrid of self-paced materials, guided practices, and advanced content. Meaning, in-depth experientials and practices to help you assimilate, illuminate, and integrate each lesson. If you want to work deeply with Melissa's guidance, creative exercises, and tools for a full year, this is the program for you.


Deliverables & Materials

For twelve months you receive: 

Access to a password-protected portal that contains the monthly materials.


A monthly video lesson with a guided practice. The lesson includes a fairy tale and symbol to use as a part of a process.


Melissa's teaching style is a combination of both lecture and active process. The materials are simplified for impact and integration without a ton of working parts. Enjoy a potent experience with a streamlined approach. 

Program Themes

Program Overview

  • Twelve Month Commitment. 

  • Potent, unique, creative content designed for those who love the depths. 

  • A blend of depth psychology, mythology, astrology, and storytelling to activate and stir the soul.

  • Psychological & energetic strategies.

  • Work with fairytales and metaphors to uncover hidden meaning and intuitive guidance.

  • An online portal containing all of the materials.

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