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About Me

  • I am a deeply spiritual and soulful individual.... and studying serial killers.

  • In another life, I would have become a criminal profiler with the FBI's behavioral analysis unit. A client once called me "Dr. Spencer Corter' referring to Dr. Spencer Reed from Criminal Minds. 

  • I LOVE coffee and have been called a bit of a coffee snob. 

  • have a terrible habit of feeding the squirrels. I may or may not have them leaving special gifts at my door.

  • I buy art supplies and rarely use them. Same with a random assortment of markers, sticky tabs, and journals... although I do eventually fill the journal with ideas and creative impulses.

  • I have no shame in being a Mets fan or being an advocate for micro-dosing and the SAFE use of psychedelics to treat anxiety and depression.

Expertise & Training

In 2009, I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology while continuing to study with various indigenous elders and mentors. In 2019 I decided to go back to school to complete a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Jungian Archetypal Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I am currently writing my dissertation on psychopathy and the Western Shadow.


I've completed various intensive trainings in ecotherapy. Ecopsychology brings ecology and depth-psychology together in service to the Anima Mundi the soul of the world. Ecopsychology moves us from the ego to the ecological self, the practice includes nature-based art and somatic therapies.


I blend active imagination, archetypal psychology, and myth into my approach to storytelling, writing, and teaching. For years, I studied with an elder in southern Arizona who practiced a Peruvian lineage of Shamanism, she taught me soul retrieval, journeying, and many other practices. In addition, I also worked with a second medicine woman in Sedona Arizona, for five years, she was also a naturopathic physician and healer.

I have been published in seven different books, one solo, three books privately published, and various compilations. I am a clinical certified hypnotherapist and advanced Yog Nidra practitioner with over two decades of experience leading thousands of clients and students through various guided practices. Many of my clients have learned how to utilize EFT tapping in a way that works for them with my unique technique. I have over 30 certifications ranging from body-based healing, Yoga Teacher Training, somatic healing, trauma work, advanced intuitive development and mediumship, and more. 

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