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Dreams & Nightmares

The hidden language of soul

What is a nightmare?

Nightmares can teach us how to find our power and regain a sense of agency. When we turn toward what’s chasing us, when we allow ourselves to be consumed, when we stand before the creature.


Nightmares are not only how we process trauma, and not all nightmares stem from trauma. Nightmares are symbolic messages from the deeper self asking us to expand—stories encoded with emotional complexes and potential

Why Dreams Matter?

Dreams are the language of the soul, spending time learning how to analyze a dream is an act of self -love, a way to deeply honor the soul and unlock the symbolic dynamic that the conscious mind suppresses during waking hours.


Dreams hold the key to the deeper, hidden facets within the psyche. Tending to the dream allows solutions and life-affirming validations to move into our conscious awareness.



The psyche speaks in an ancient and archetypal language; poetically through symbol and metaphor. Symbols are a critical part of dream analysis. If we rely on a dream book or dictionary to teach us, we miss the meaning deeply embedded in the context of our unique soul's expression. 

Animals, creatures, elements, and figures need not be the same for each of us, they are multidimensional aspects of complex and creative reflections of an individual perspective. When we 'google' an answer we bypass the message from the soul. Google can never unpack a symbol the way the unique psychodynamic field of your psyche can.


In dreams, our disparate aspects appear as creatures, others, or negative forces. These shadow dynamics are richly held images attuned to the places we shy away from in our waking lives. Tending to the shadow requires courage and the ability to remain present to discomfort while the ego attempts to block anything that does not fit its view of identity.

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