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The Death of Creativity  

You feel the life being squeezed from your vision.

You stare at the blank canvas, the empty page, the blinking cursor, the raw materials sitting before you.

You've unknowingly projected the burden of responsibility upon your craft.

Expecting it to produce, to validate you, to bring in money, to affirm you are worthy.

You are slowly draining the life from this thing you say you love, this thing you desperately want to bring into the world. Your creative endeavor is dying before you, regardless of what you do... you feel helpless as you stare in horror as this thing lies lifeless, waiting for you to resurrect it. 

Some days, you feel like a madwoman pulling ideas from thin air, an electrified current courses through your veins as ideas flow endlessly, until out of nowhere... paralyzed by fear, you are caught in the grip of a creative neurosis. 

You reject the pulsating surge of energy, overcome by mindless tasks and busy work, your creativity lies cold and motionless, abandoned by the wayside. 

You wander in circles trying to summon the courage to move forward. Instead, you do the dishes, clean out the closet, get pulled into gossip or stir drama to avoid taking action.

Enmeshed in your desire to create, to serve, to shine is an infection.

* You don't believe you are worthy
* You feel like you will fail
* You worry you are an imposter

I introduce to you..... Shadow: The Salon

Shadow: The Salon is designed to breathe new life into your projects and creative endeavors. Getting the blood flowing again; resuscitating your creativity.


We kill our excuses, dismember our distractions, and murder our perfectionism.

We invoke the muses; taunting and teasing them, reanimating the body of your creative vision. This guided experience is a creative incubator designed to cut to the heart of the matter and execute on creative impulses and ideas.

Who The Shadow Salon is For

About The Shadow Salon
The Shadow Salon is a monthly prerecorded guided experience.
Once you register, you will receive the instructions via email. 

Imagine a potent creative experience designed to confront your distractions, integrate your desires, and bring energy into the creative projects you can't seem to focus on.

Imagine a guided practice that bridges psychology, mythology, somatic work, and spiritual principles to help you sink more deeply into the work you feel called to create.

Imagine a place that dissolves excuses and destroys resistance.

Imagine integrating the hidden aspects buried deep within, bringing them into consciousness to add depth to your life and work. 

This monthly offering is designed to creatively navigate working with shadow dynamics to expose hidden saboteurs and draw energy back into the psyche to infuse, amplify, and enhance creative endeavors.

The Shadow Salon Fee

*Monthly Membership
A 12-month commitment

*The Shadow Salon Monthly Membership is a 12-month commitment.
We do not offer refunds on our items, this includes digital items, memberships, live classes, courses, and programs.


Shadow Salon Info

  • The Shadow Salon is a monthly self-paced experience

  • Upon successful registration (drop-in or membership) you receive access to the experience.

  • The Shadow Salon blends a brief lecture with an integrative shadow work practice.

  • The Salon is prerecorded 

  • For those who are participating as members, the Shadow Work Salon details are emailed in advance.

The Shadow Work Practice

  • Illumination: We begin by allowing the energy of a pattern or focal point to reveal itself.

  • Assimilation: We then focus on the assimilation and breakdown of the energetic, somatic, and psychological components of this aspect.

  • Liberation: We experience a practice designed to liberate stuck or stored energy from the complex.

  • Integration: We allow new aspects to break into conscious awareness and make space to hold these new elements as they take form.

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