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The Intuitive Method™

We go into the dark, into the night, into the spaces most people avoid out of fear, we reflect the light and help them remember who they are.  We work in liminal spaces and thresholds of ‘between’. 

~Melissa Kim Corter


Melisa Kim Corter

Founder & CEO

The Intuitive Method™ created by Melissa Kim Corter is a program for those who ready to learn a potent and powerful modality for personal or professional personal development. 

Melissa combines her unique style of EFT (emotional freedom technique) with hypnotic guided imagery for immediate relief and results.

Upon completion of the training videos and 6 practice sessions, you will have a powerhouse modality to help you transform limiting beliefs and bring light to hidden blind spots.    

ITM™ Practitioners

Congratulations to our Intuitive Method™ Practitioners!

We have twelve students currently in process of completing the ITM™ training.

As they complete the requirements, their information will be posted below.


Book an ITM™ session with one of our trained practitioners today*! 

Rebecca Woods

Certified Intuitive Method™ Practitioner

As an Intuitive Energy Coach, Reiki Master, Grandmother, Master Manifester, Medium, author and Multi-Generational Energy Liberator, Becky Woods is passionate about creating groups and circles for women to gather. With her keen insight and ability to create sacred space, she will support and guide you along your journey.


Why Try an ITM™ Session?

Our intention is always to creating a safe, welcomed, home for the soul. We hold space and guide practices, while the client finds their way back home, to themselves. We combine Jungian shadow work with EFT, hypnosis, and evidence-based ritual practices, empowering the client to recognize their own resiliency and state of balance.

*Practitioner Disclaimer: Each ITM™ practitioner has completed our training operates as an independent contractor, managing their own business structure. While we provide referrals and support our practitioners, it is important to recognize they are entirely independent in their professional practices. Our role is solely that of an educational and referral entity, and does not extend to any form of governance or oversight of their individual business operations or practices. We hold no liability for the business practices or operations of these practitioners. Each practitioner is solely responsible for their services, and any agreement or interaction is strictly between the client and the practitioner. This disclaimer clarifies our position and the extent of our responsibility in relation to the independent practitioners trained through our program.

ITM™ Demo Mini Tapping Sessions*

*The videos below DO NOT include the active imagination or hypnosis aspect of ITM™ since these videos are open to the public and provide a small taste of the experience. To try a full session, consider reaching out to one of our ITM™ Practitioners listed below.

Fear of Change


Being Good Enough


Money Power Retrieval


Darkness to Light

Why Learn The Intuitive Method™


Learn The Intuitive Method™

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