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Melissa Kim Corter

Depth Psychologist 

She who studies darkness

Discover the power hidden in your shadow

My Gift is Navigating Darkness

I speak, write, and teach about death, psychopathy, narcissism, and the shadow. For decades I've studied various forms of darkness. I've held the darkest memories and moments of other people’s psyches from a young age. We are in a time when our shadows are confronting us, and we can no longer avoid them. Escapism is a symptom of disempowerment and leaves us susceptible to the darkness of others. This is the type of work we do in my mentoring groups and programs. 

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I appreciate your interest in my writing. I have moved all of my writing to my substack. Please join me there. Subscribe for a free or paid account to receive my writings, newsletters, and content. I have created a page dedicated to

Hauntingly Beautiful Things.

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Meet Melissa Kim Corter

International Bestselling Author
Depth Psychologist & Speaker

As a highly empathic, intuitive child, Melissa Kim Corter was fascinated with other people’s basements. Dark, unexplored spaces enthralled her, and her insatiable curiosity toward the hidden dimensions of the mind led to decades of exploring the shadow dynamics within the human psyche and in nature. 


Her work sometimes makes people uncomfortable. It asks us to explore the hidden, unknown dimensions of self and to tend to it. Melissa uses creative and symbolic forms such as film, fairy tales, and dreams to reveal psychological patterns and hidden potentials. Melissa is a Depth Psychologist with an emphasis on Jungian Archetypal studies and is pursuing a Ph.D. at Pacifica Graduate Institute. 

Shadow & Soul

The Psyche speaks to us through metaphor, myth, and symbol.  Uncover the hidden wisdom of the shadow.
Shadow & Soul is year long self-paced program.



A Dose of Depth

Join Melissa as she discusses human behavior through film, forensics and fairytales. Her fascination with hauntingly beautiful things and analysis of the dark side of the human psyche are the underbelly of each conversation. A dose of depth is an invitation to discuss the shadow.

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